Best Rated Garage Door Services in Greater Montreal

What happens if your garage door(s) is broken and you are unable to park your car or even worse, there’s a real danger in a break-in or animals invading your house. Not only can this limit the access you have to your garage as well as any items or vehicles inside it, it can leave your house vulnerable to other damages. While it’s ideal to get a professional garage door repair Montreal in to fix your garage, there may be small repairs we will be able to perform quickly in emergency situations. This article will look at the various garage door parts and give you helpful hints on how to repair them if they malfunction. For emergency repair services please call 514-777-4670 immediately!

Getting the Right Contractor in Greater Montreal in for Your Garage Door Part Repair

While DIY-ing a garage door repair can be a good way to save money, you may also end up with increased damage and hazardous situations if you don’t know what you’re doing. If you feel at all uncertain about the repairs you are making, it is best to call in an experienced professional. If you are looking for a garage door repair in Montreal, Unique is highly recommended.

At Unique, we have crew of trained, reliable professionals with extensive knowledge of garage door parts and how to repair them. We offer affordable prices and we are on top of the latest styles and technology. We provide garage door repair Montreal as well as the surrounding areas so call us for garage door repair in Laval, garage door repair in Longueuil and other cities.

Your garage door has a lot of parts and it can be difficult to tell which one needs to be repaired when something breaks down. An experienced technician like Unique can help troubleshoot your problems and give you a safe and effective repair.  Call us for garage door repair Montreal and for service in its surrounding cities. We take pride in our services which emphasize 3 pillars:

  1. Availability  – you and us both like it when meetings and timing is respected, we do our best to be available for all emergencies even outside of business hours.
  2. Affordability – we need to stay competitive with our pricing but we NEVER allow this to compromise on quality and attention to detail because we all know that saving on essentials in the beginning will end up costing the customer way more down the line so we always take that into consideration.
  3. Cleanliness – we always ensure to clean after ourselves and leave the job site even cleaner than the way we found it in prior to our repair job.

How to Repair a Malfunctioning Garage Door in Montreal?

Let’s take a look at all the important parts:

  1. Springs – There are two types of springs in your garage door, torsion springs and extension springs. Both of these springs help the door to open. When they begin failing, the door will feel heavier when it opens, and the door opener may begin audibly straining due to the additional load it has to take. Although it is possible for an experienced DIY-er to replace garage door springs, the procedure involves many steps that has to be done in the correct order. It is for this reason that a repair like this is best left to the pros.
  2. Cable Drum – The cable drum is a circular roller with grooves that is fixed on the shaft of the torsion springs. It gives support to make it easier to lift and lower the garage door. It is necessary to maintain cable drums or they may start to wear down due to the stress they are placed under. If cable drums wear down, they should be repaired or replaced immediately, or they could pose a safety hazard. If a cable drum is showing signs that it needs to be replaced, it is highly advisable to call in a professional. Tampering with these items could be dangerous and could result in serious injury. It is best to leave them alone if you don’t know what you’re doing.
  3. Photo Eyes – A photo eye is a garage door safety feature. If it senses an obstruction, it stops the door from closing preventing damage to individuals and vehicles. Photo eyes work with sensors that can easily become misaligned. If this happens, there are a few troubleshooting steps you can take that may fix your problem.The first thing you should do is check your garage to make sure nothing is obstructing the sensor. If you don’t detect any obstructions, check the light to see if the LED is lit. If one of the lights are out, try jiggling it around to see if it comes back on. If so, this may solve your problem. It’s also possible that the sensors are dirty. You can clean them by wiping any dirt off with a damp cloth. Once they are clean, try adjusting the sensors so each lens faces each other. Hopefully the photo eyes will be working properly after they are cleaned.

    If none of these steps are working to solve your problem, here are some other things you can try:
    1. Make small adjustments to the pivot bracket supporting the sensor by loosening the screws and bolts, securing it and moving the bracket until the LED light comes on. Then re-tighten the screws and bolts.
    2. Check to see if they sensors are mounted at the same height. If they are not, you should get a garage technician in to remount them.
    3. Examine the wires leading to the photo eyes to see if they have become twisted. It this is the case, you maybe able to twist them back into place. If there is wire damage, it is best to call in a garage repair company.

  4. The Garage Door Release Cord – If you have an automatic garage door that is not opening and closing properly, you may have to use a release cord to open and close it manually. The problem is, many people don’t know how to reattach the cord after using it. If you have a modern unit, you will able to reconnect it by simply pressing the open button. However, if you have an older unit, you will have to follow a certain procedure to reattach it. To do this, check the release handle and make sure it is still on the door track. If it is not, you will have to adjust it accordingly. Next, inspect the door to locate a lever that is activated when the cord moves up and down. Move the cord so that the lever reattaches to the electric door opener and clicks into place. Finally, test the door by pushing the opener button. Hopefully, the door will work but, if it doesn’t, go back and check your connections to make sure everything is in proper working order.
  5. Tracks – It is common for garage door tracks to get bent. If tracks become bent, it is best to fix them as soon as possible as continuing to use them will cause further damage. To fix garage door tracks, start by opening the garage door so it is clear of the tracks. Then clamp a pair of vice grips around the front edge of the horizontal track so they point toward the center of the door. Place another pair under the roller on the opposite end of the door. Straighten out the bent track with the claw end of a hammer. Then remove the track bolts that are secure the vertical track to the wall brackets using a socket wrench. Remove the bent track being careful not to remove the track brackets or flag brackets from the wall. Straighten the track with pliers or a hammer.

If this repair does not work, you may have to install a new track, and have it installed by a professional so call us at 514-777-4670 as soon as necessary.