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Welcome to the beautiful county of Anjou, where small-town charm meets big-city amenities. As local business owners, we know how important it is to find a community that values sustainability and eco-friendliness, and Anjou is just the place for us.

Unique Garage Door Repair is committed to providing reliable and efficient garage door repair services to homeowners and businesses in the area. By serving the Anjou community, we are contributing to the growth and prosperity of this wonderful place we call home.

Anjou is known for its stunning natural landscapes and rich cultural heritage, and we are proud to be a part of this vibrant community. We can confidently say that Anjou is a prime location for businesses looking to establish a presence in a supportive and sustainable environment.

Our commitment to eco-friendly practices aligns perfectly with Anjou's focus on sustainability, and we are excited to be a part of a community that shares our values. Working together can create a better future for ourselves and our children here in Anjou.

We aim to make Anjou and its surrounding areas an even better place to live and work for. So if you're looking for garage door repair services in Anjou, then Unique Garage Door Repair is here for you.

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Garage Door Preventive Maintenance Anjou

Garage Door Preventive Maintenance Anjou

Perhaps you don't know that your garage door needs regular maintenance in order to keep functioning correctly. It is recommended to do maintenance at least once a year. If you notice your door producing an abnormal sound or opening slowly, it may need maintenance in order to ensure it is operating properly. The repair cost in the future will be much lower because of preventive maintenance.

The preventative maintenance will eliminate the possibility of having your vehicle locked in the garage due to a damaged spring. It also keeps the rollers aligned and prevents cables from breaking or jamming. These issues can create more damage and need large, expensive repairs.

So if you notice any abnormalities in your garage door, feel free to contact us. We can provide you with same-day services, and our experts are always ready to assist you with quality services in Anjou and its surrounding areas.

Common Garage Issues for Anjou

Garage Door Remote Anjou

There are a lot of moving parts for a garage door, which means there are a lot of possible issues to be faced. Every part plays different roles in your garage's safety and durability, as well as aesthetics, security, and noise. Below are a few of the main issues our Anjou clients face:

Garage Door Openers

The heart of every garage door is its opener. Although often overlooked, garage door openers can be complicated pieces of equipment, usually containing many complicated parts that function in tandem to lift and lower the door.

It doesn't matter if you want belt or chain drives, smart functions, or battery backup; Unique Garage Door has an opener to meet the requirements of your garage door.

Garage Door Rails or Tracks

The rails or track of the garage door holding your Anjou door help keep it in place. It's essential to ensure that your rail is free from bends or dents, which could knock the rollers out of place and hinder the door from operating freely. A bent rail may cause additional damage to the door as well as its components. If you notice this, you should give us a phone call to get us out quickly and get it fixed.

Garage Door PanelsGarage Door Trial Anjou

Damaged panels aren't just ugly; they hinder the motion of your door's track. We can replace panels easily if it’s just a minor dent. If the damage to the panel is severe, we will have to replace the whole thing. But don’t worry! We will match the door's material, color, and manufacturer for the perfect fit.

Garage Door Springs

Springs are the component that is actually responsible for the power needed to lift your door. It is the same whether the door is opened by hand or using motors. If one or more of these springs breaks, then your door could be stuck closed or open.

We can repair both torsion and extension springs on every type of garage door. If you've heard a loud sound and the door has stopped working, it's more likely the cause of a spring. If the springs are broken and you are experiencing problems, contact us or make an appointment so we can repair them immediately today.

Garage Door Cables

Though cables can be small and are often overlooked, they're a crucial element of the door's function. If a cable fails or becomes loose, it is possible for your door to get jammed. We can fix and straighten the cables or completely replace them immediately.

Garage Door Repair Tracks Anjou

Emergency Garage Door Repair

With how frequently you use your garage door, it's common for problems to occur at any time. The most common issue that we come across is spring break. It could sound like a blast in your home. Your garage door will not open and your car will be stuck, or, worse, your garage door will not close and all your valuables are susceptible to being stolen.

Contact us if you require urgent repairs to your garage door. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to assist you in solving any issues you might face.

Unbeatable Pricing and Transparent Charges

We're proud to service all types of garage door problems all over Anjou. From broken springs to remotes that aren't working, we're glad to send a professional to assist you immediately. For those who like to do it themselves and are out there, we're willing to give you the parts you'll need as well as an expert's advice.

Are you concerned about the cost? We will provide you with a FREE estimate of repairs before we start any work on the site. This means that you'll receive the FINAL price of repairs before anything else. We're sure that we'll deliver a superior, quicker, and more thoughtful job with no shady or hidden charges!

Your Local Garage Door Repair in AnjouLocal Garage Door Anjou

Unique is not just the typical garage door repair and service company. We have the capacity to supply Anjou and its surrounding areas with the best and most dependable garage door specialists.

There is no job too large or small for our skilled garage door specialists, who can provide an array of garage door solutions, such as garage door spring repairs as well as garage door installations, garage door openers, and many others. We are confident that Unique can meet all your garage door repair and service requirements.

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